Adding Plants to a trial after it has started

I got over zealous and started a trial without adding plants to the trial. I can’t seem to figure out how to add plants to it once the trial has started? Any suggestions?

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@jeremy.hall it’s a great question. I’ll add it to the list of requests. Two ways I can work on solving it:

  1. If you can tell me the name of the trials and what you planted, I can add them via a backdoor so you can keep using these same trials and not start new ones. Keep track of it by paper for the time being!
  2. @drew and I will add it to the improvements for the next batch of improvements that we test on - it’s definitely a super annoying bug that we need to solve.

Awsome. The trial is DHall DLI Photo 10 Trial 1

Jeremy, when I went in to add the plants I saw that you had already created two new trials for #26 and #27 - so it looks like you were able to solve this on your own.

I also took the liberty to ‘clear out’ some of the test trials that you had created where no data had been logged. I left ‘DHall DLI Photo 10 Trial 1’ since it looks like that does contain some data. I would encourage you to check out the charts page now and compare data from the two devices. This is especially cool in dev web app where you can see EVERY sensor reading (rather than just summaries) - though we’re still having some issues with the dates displaying correctly (hence it being in dev) so bear that in mind as well!

When in doubt, you can always reference the Google Sheets where all the raw data is also sent!