I love PlantCV and phenotyping!

Hi, my name is Dr. Katie Murphy, and I’m new here to the MARSFarm forum! I am a Principal Investigator at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center - we are the #1 plant science institute in the world, and we are trying to make plants that are better for people and better for the planet. We are a non-profit research institute, and located in St. Louis, Missouri. I have previously shared my research on TikTok, @Real_Time_Science.

Our team loves using pictures to make measurements of plants, just like all of you here! Our favorite way to do this is using our high-throughput phenotyping system, which uses conveyer belts and automation to take pictures of many plants every day, as well as weigh them. You can watch a cool video here.

I learned to use PlantCV 3 years ago when I moved to St. Louis and joined Dr. Malia Gehan’s group. I have been excited to learn to code in python, and to now contribute new functions to PlantCV! We are constantly updating PlantCV with new functions, bug fixes, and more. Please check out our GitHub to post any problems you have in the “issues” section, and we welcome anyone to contribute new code!

If you have scientific questions you have used PlantCV to answer, I would love to learn about it here!

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