Ideas for New Topics

List of Peter’s ideas for new forum threads

If you have an opinion on which to prioritize - PLEASE post a comment letting us know and we promise to create the thread within 72 hours!


  • Thread summarizing documentation of MM.V0.23 assembly guides, videos, hardware descriptions, data analysis, curriculum, etc.
  • Thread summarizing documentation of FG.V2-FG.V3 assembly guides, videos, hardware descriptions, data analysis, etc.


  • Thread listing resources related to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry.
    • Whitepapers comparing indoor farms to greenhouses
    • Aquaponics vs hydroponics vs aeroponics vs PooPoo-ponics …


  • Comparison of shipping container style farming systems (Freight Farms).
    • What they’re good for growing and the impact of regional climate on product you buy.
    • Some companies are better than others - it’s worth investigating.
  • Thread listing papers about technology related to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), mostly academic but some industry and DIY as well.
    • Cornell, Purdue, University of Arizona, University of Florida, University of Ohio, University of Michigan, etc.
  • Thread listing open-source producgts related to ag-tech.
    • Farmbot, OpenAg food computers, Astroplant, etc.
    • What is open-source - overview and history.

8 Topics to Potentially be Piloted Here:

  1. (housed under Education) Curriculum for version: help teachers get a jumpstart on how to teach using MARSfarm by providing frameworks of/links to lessons [1.6k hits]
  2. (housed under Software) OS Beta updates and how people can become beta testers [2.8k hits]
  3. (housed under Hardware) MARSfarm Selfies! In addition to photos of boxes, photos of students/educators, etc. with their projects are fun to see [2.8k hits]
  4. (housed under Information/Plant Science) Plant List for MARSfarm box experiments- listing seed types that have been tested and work well or haven’t been tested and we’re awaiting feedback [6.6k hits]
  5. (housed under Hardware/DIY) Information about how 3D printer parts can help enhance experimentation/plant life experience with MARSfarm products [7.8k hits]
  6. (housed under Informational) Information about how certain people/educators can become affiliates to help sell products through creating an affiliate site [2.8k hits]
  7. (housed under Software) Apparently using Computer Vision to create a Weed Detection Algorithm is quite popular- and seems very in line with some of the work Jackie has done: Weed detection algorithm - Software - FarmBot Forum [4.4k hits]
  8. (housed under Informational/Plant Science) Helpful information about harvesting edible items within MARSfarm boxes/experiments- when, how, how much, etc. [6.5k hits]