Karabük science and art center (BİLSEM) students take part in the Growing Beyond Earth (GBE) project

Me and my students enjoy taking part in the GBE project. We got involved in the project in the October 2022-2023 academic year. It took until February 2023 for our materials to arrive and prepare for the first planting of seeds. Finally we planted our seeds and we continue our observations :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone in this struggle.

As we were the first participating school from Turkey, we had some shortcomings in benefiting from the experience, but this allowed us to be in closer contact with MARSfarm, Fairchild and NASA scientists. Thank you to everyone who supported.

We are currently working with genoese basil, purple ball basil and dill fernleaf for the 49-day trial.
our next goals are to experiment with local seeds.


Very excited! Now that you have your supplies things will be better! I cannot wait to see your plants!


@hanife I’d be very interested to hear whether you’re aware of any cultivars of Basil (or Dill) that are specific to your region. It would be very interesting to compare the genovese / purple ball cultivars to those!

While verifying @hanife’s school address this year to receive equipment for Growing Beyond Earth, I learned a bunch about Turkey!

From Bing AI Artificial Intelligence

Yes, Karabük is a city in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is the capital of Karabük Province and also the district center of Karabük District1. The city was built in the 1930s as the seat of the iron and steel industry of Turkey1. As of 2022, its population is 125,4031. The city lies at an elevation of 301 m (988 ft)1. Please let me know if you need more information! :blush:

I had an address from last year (bad) and an address provided to me by Hanife. I asked ChatGPT 4.0 (using Edge internet browser) to create a table so I could find your correct address.

I wanted to begin validating that these fields were real and would all point to the same location. This helped me learn that Karabük is both the province you’re located in as well as the city.

Then I had it look for what was located at those addresses

Finally - I felt pretty confident that #1 (provided by Hanife, with fields added to it by Peter) was good enough to use.