Mushrooms in MARSfarms

If anyone is looking for a way to start producing something that students could sell, it may be worth considering growing Blue Oyster or Lions Mane mushrooms. I’m just saying, fresh gourmet mushrooms sell for WAY more money than lettuce - $20/lb+.

If a student were to come up with a proposal as part of agriscience fair or SAE ( @jeremy.hall) - they could apply to do ‘research’ for North Spore using the link below.

@wxazygy I think you might also find their style of external ventilation system interesting as well.

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I love this idea!! Thank you!

This is a super cool idea. We have been research partners with North Spore for a number of years. I would be happy to link anyone with my point of contact, Rachael, at North Spore. She recently wrote a letter of support for an Ag grant we secured to study mycology in our AgTech lab. The one thing I would definitely stress is making sure those Oysters can vent to the outside. Their spore load is quite substantial and you’d likely not want that being pulled into your indoor space. We’ve harvested a multitude of fruiting blocks as well as trialed some monotubs, a process we have yet to see success with. We are doing some log inoculations in the fall too! Their spray and grow fruiting blocks are an ideal size for the MV1.

I think the MV1 would be ideal for plate or jar cultures that could then be used to inoculate grain bags. I’ll work with Rachael at North Spore to design what she thinks could be some interesting use cases for an MV1/MARSfarm trial.

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