MARSfarm Facility

This thread will be used to show some amazing things that are at the MARSfarm facility. This video is a good tour of the MARSfarm office:

I also suggest looking at 3D printing at MARSfarm here:

I will continue to share some more awesome things done here at the MARSfarm facility.

I want to share some more photos of the MARSfarm facility in Overland MO:

This is an image of the outside of our office.

This is an image of our tool/workstation. This station houses a lot of tools that we use to build the units.

This is an image of MARSfarm Co-Founder Drew Thomas showcasing our laser cutter. We mainly use the laser cutter to cut out the reflective panels that are used on the units. It is a vital part of the production process.

*This is an image of our 3D printing room. We use 3D printers a lot in production. They print all of the orange and black parts on the box.

For more images of the MARSfarm facility visit this link: Open House Photos (courtesy of Andrew Dubis) - Google Drive

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