MARSFarm Mini - prototyping

This discussion is ideas for a mini version of MARSFarm, something more capable than an AeroGarden, but less than the MARSFarm V1. I am speculating that there is interest for a simple ‘starter-kit’ with a lower price and less complexity (no wifi, recipes), yet capable of serious work.
The following are my thoughts, but all issues are open for input.
As a disclaimer, I am not employed by MARSFarm, and this is purely discussion at this time with no commitment that this will become an actual product.

  • Lights: The V1 LED is the starting point for designing the mini, there is no need to change this design.
  • Controls: I am leaning toward keeping the Raspberry Pi Zero, the PWM controls have been worked out. The software would be stripped down (no sensors, heater, pump). The V1 board (with power supply and light MOFSETs) could also be re-used (at least for prototyping), or a simplified version created in the future. There would be no Wifi, so there is a need for a local interface. I am thinking of a LED touch screen for input. Sliders to set the different light channels and setting the on/off time. This would be a minimalistic menu.
  • Data: data collection would be all manual. A digital temperature/humidity gauge could be used to read these values.
  • Size: This is the least defined. I was thinking of 4 plants, but it could be sized for six. Similar construction to the V1, but a different reservoir.
  • Watering: Likely deep water hydroponics, a reservoir with an air pump. Might consider another watering system (gravity feed inverted bottle?), but want to avoid pumps and controlled watering.

This is all speculation at the moment, but once some of the key ideas are firmed up, I am looking to start prototyping. Let me know your thoughts on what features you would like (or not want), and sketch out a design.