Over Watering Issues?

Hey everyone! I have a quick question to see if anyone else is experiencing this. Both our MV1 units seem to be watering a lot. I was gone for the last three days and upon returning today there was standing water and algae in our basins. Looking at the data readouts it seems our pumps are watering once a day but the amount of algae and standing water seems to say otherwise. Also I have been in my room and heard the pumps kick on during the afternoon and my understanding they should only come one once a day around 10 A.M.? There is even some algae growing on the top of our media mixes because they are so saturated?

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Hey Jeremy, sorry to hear they’re not doing what you had expected. We are working on ways to visualize the current recipe within the web app so you know exactly what is in a recipe before and after it is sent. That being said, I think there may be some confusion about the current recipes you’re using.

I created 15 new recipes based on a request by @cregini. He is using them to grow bamboo in a ‘shallow water culture’ hydroponics system. For that purpose, he asked that the recipes just circulate water throughout the day. That being said, clearly there is a problem with algae when this is done - especially on the wicking mat. Here is a link to where it describes the contents of the recipes you used.

The two questions I have are:

  1. What did you mean by this? Do you mean the pump chart in mv1-dev? If so please share a screenshot as that would be new info.
  1. Would you like for us to create versions of the photoperiod recipes that instead output a lower amount of water? How much - and how often would you like? I will be more than happy to create a new one for you and you’ll have the ability to upload them yourself by year end!