Timelapses of Plants for Communicating how Plants Grow to Students!

Presentation with about a dozen different timelapses of photos!

Because the MV1s collect hourly photos, this is a feature that will be ‘coming soon’ to the MV1 web application! That means anyone who has an MV1 connected to the internet right now (@InnovationCenter @NateReyes @jeremy.hall @cregini) will be able to make GIFs from those trials in the future! 100% possible now manually (as shown in this thread using makeagif.com:
Bok-Choy Recovery
MV1 Summer Trials - #13 by steven

@drew will upload some SUPER HIGH QUALITY videos he created for us to demo in our booth at ACTE Vision 2023 next week but I wanted to share this old presentation I found for any teachers who want to use this content for their Plant Systems courses.

Created by @drew using photos taken by the MV1s this Summer. We hope to be able to bring this feature to all of you in the coming months. For now, it’s possible to do this manually just by downloading a daily image from the MARSfarm web app.